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Patent Engineer
Trademark Attorney
International Department

Rick Z. TAN

Patent Engineer
Trademark Attorney
International Department


Rick has been active in the IP industry since 2013, initially serving in the firm's Trademark Department where he was responsible for foreign trademark/copyright prosecution and enforcement issues for domestic clients. He is therefore knowledgeable on trademark /copyright systems and practices in all major jurisdictions. His services have been made available to overseas clients since he joined the International Department in 2016.

He has represented clients from individuals and start-ups to large multinational companies, including internationally renowned companies such as a leading German antivirus software provider, a British royal-certified mattress manufacturer, the world's leading beer manufacturer, Russia's largest e-commerce platform, a Finnish listed retailer, etc. 

He has negotiated a number of trademark purchased assignments and has received recognition from his clients for his strategic approach to obtaining favourable outcomes. He excels in managing large and complex trademark portfolios for large corporate clients, including a German antivirus software provider with nearly 300 Chinese trademarks and a French food producer with nearly 500 Chinese trademarks. He has a strong track record of advising on brand protection and development strategies.

In the past ten years, he has handled more than 650 trademark searches, filing strategies and applications; more than 510 cases of refusal review, opposition, invalidation and non-use cancellation, and more than 80 cases of administrative litigation, warning letters and negotiations.

Professionally, he is a trademark attorney; functionally, he is the liaison between the firm and overseas clients/law firms for all IP matters and is responsible for referring overseas law firms to Chinese clients.


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Wuyi University, Bachelor of Engineering

Practice Areas
Trademark, Patent and Copyright filing and prosecution
IPRs enforcement and litigation

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