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Zio Zhihao DENG

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Mr. Zio Zhihao DENG is a partner of Jiaquan IP Law. He has wide-ranging experience in prosecuting, enforcing, and litigating complex Chinese intellectual property matters encompassing the spectrum of trademark, patent, copyright and domain names. He advises a number of multi-national corporations, assisting them in acquiring and defending their most-vital intellectual properties.

After graduating from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a double major in mechanical engineering and law, Mr. DENG joined Jiaquan in 2007 as a patent engineer with a focus on patent prosecution. He passed the Chinese Bar Examination in 2012 and then also began handling trademark prosecution. In 2014, he passed the Chinese Patent Attorney Examination and has since turned his attention to the patent and trademark enforcement and litigation.

Mr. DENG currently acts as a licensed attorney at law, patent attorney, and trademark attorney at Jiaquan IP Law. Utilizing his rich experience in prosecution and enforcement of intellectual properties in China, he prides himself on assisting clients in obtaining intellectual properties that can be effectively enforced. Mr. DENG has a passion for writing and has published dozens of professional articles in publications such as The Trademark Lawyer, Chinese Trademark,,,, and Jiangmen Daily.

Mr. DENG is a native speaker of Cantonese, and is also fluent in Mandarin and English.



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North University of China, B.A., Commercial Law

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