U.S. Patent Agent
Communication Officer


U.S. Patent Agent
Communication Officer

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Professional Background
Mr. Shaw is Branch Director of the San Francisco office of Jiaquan IP Law, and has practiced patent law as a US patent agent for over 25 years. He have been retained by independent inventors, start-ups, and prominent corporations such as Epson, Apple Computers, Ricoh, Tokyo Electronics, E-Mu Systems, Sonic Solutions, Massenburg Labs, and the University of California.

Mr. Shaw has a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics from Cornell University. His doctoral thesis was in the fields of critical phenomena and the thermodynamics of quasicrystal formation, and he particularly enjoys working with inventions involving advanced math and science.

Mr. Shaw has worked in a wide variety of fields, including digital signal processing, data compression, data storage systems, superconductive devices, flameless combustion reactors, liquid crystal displays, surgery equipment, magnetic resonance imaging, investment portfolio optimization, frequency synchronized radio transceivers, audio signal processing, toys, non-sinusoidal spread spectrum radio transceivers, micro-instrumentation, microfabrication, and microstructure coupled-wave diffraction analysis.


Professional Experience
Jiaquan IP Law, US Branch Manager, October 2015 - present.

Integral Patent, Principal, April 1997 - present.

Trial & Technology Law Group, Menlo Park, June 1996 - Sept. 2000.

Poms, Smith, Lande & Rose, Los Angeles, April 1995 - May 1996.

Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, San Francisco, Sept.1991 - March 1995.


Technical Publications
"A transfer matrix Monte Carlo study of random Penrose tilings," L. J. Shaw and C. L. Henley, Journal of Physics A, Sept. 7, 1991.

"Long range order in a three dimensional random tiling quasicrystal," L. J. Shaw, V. Elser and C. L. Henley, Physical Review B, Feb. 1, 1991.

"Surface tension of the three dimensional Ising model: A low temperature series analysis," L. J. Shaw and M. E. Fisher, Physical Review A, Feb. 15, 1989.

"Confections that 'Swim' in a Carbonated Beverage," U.S. Patent No. 6,319,535.

"Spinning/Rolling Disk," U.S. Patent No. 5,863,235 (co-inventor), sold under the trademark Euler's Disk. Sales exceeding 200,000 units.

"Swinging Bob Toy," U.S. Patent Re. 34,208, sold under the trademark Astrojax. Sales exceeding 10,000,000 units.

"Balanced stringed-instrument slide, " patent pending, sold under the trademark AeroSlide, limited distribution in Northern California.

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Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
PhD -- theoretical physics

University of California San Diego, California
BA -- physics

Practice Areas
Digital signal processing
Communication systems
Microfabrication technology

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