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Jiaquan IP Law’s experience in preparing trademark opinions and in filing, prosecuting, and maintaining both China and foreign trademark applications and registrations is clearly demonstrated by the number of trademark matters we handle. During a typical year, we provide thousands of trademark clearance opinions. We are currently responsible for an average of more than 4,000 trademark applications and registrations a year.

Before filing a trademark application, we conduct a free identical search for clients. If there is any prior trademark that blocks the registration, we advise clients on making appropriate modifications to the mark, such as making special designs on the first letter of the English marks, using abbreviations of replacing some letters. We select appropriate goods/services for clients in order to conform to the China’s practice, such as converting non-standard goods/services to equivalent or similar standard goods/services for foreign clients, trying not to exceed the scope of the Chinese Classification and to avoid further rejection. We also consider future plans for the mark to make sure all relevant goods/services cover all range of clients’ business.

Our counseling during the early phases of trademark development helps avoid costly conflicts or enforcement problems down the road.

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