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When it comes to patent protection, it is enforceability that counts. Jiaquan IP Law has been assisting clients to protect their intangible asset for nearly three decades. Clients from international companies, state-owned enterprises, SMC, startups to research universities seek help from us to protect their innovation and ideas in a competitive marketplace.

Jiaquan IP Law provides full range of patent services:
● Strategic IP Portfolio Development and Management
● Patent Drafting
● Chinese Patent Filing and Prosecution
● International Patent Filing and Prosecution
● Patent Search
● Product Clearance & Freedom to Operate
● Patent Invalidation before Patent Review Board
● Patent Litigation
● Patent Licensing
● Technology Policy Counseling

Our expertise covers all technical fields and Industries:
● Biotech
● Pharmaceuticals
● Chemistry
● Electric & Electronic Engineering
● Computer Science
● Telecommunication
● Mechanical Engineering
● Physics

Features of Our Patent Services
Files 11,256 patent applications globally in 2015
90% of attorneys and engineers have science or engineering degrees
provide full range of patent services, from filing strategy counseling, to prior art search, to patent drafting, to foreign filing strategies, to infringement opinions, to enforcement of patent, to moneytization of patent
Our Practice Group
Electrical / Telecommunications / Computer Science
Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology
Mechanical Engineering
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