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Jiaquan IP Law files approximately 7,000 Chinese patent applications before China IP Office (SIPO). Besides, we handle over 30 litigation cases every year. With extensive litigation experience over years, we believe we have profound understanding on validity and infringement standard of a patent, which guides us through patent drafting and prosecution.

We have a team of recognized experts and seasoned professionals with extensive prosecution experience. Many of our attorneys hold advanced degrees in their technical fields and/or have worked in the industry. The technologies at issue span nearly every industry sector, including electronics, mechanicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, automation, computer software, and information technology.

In China, there are three types of patent: invention patent, utility model patent and design patent. While the former two, invention patent and utility model patent, protect technical solution, the last one, design patent protects the ornamental design of a product. For invention patent,the term of protection is 20 years and it protects both product and process with higher level of inventiveness. For utility model, the terms is 10 years and it only protects product with structure but not process. For further information on filing requirement, fees etc., please refer to the content below:

● Chinese Invention Patent Application
● Chinese Utility Model Patent Application
● PCT Chinese National Stage Application
● Parallel Filing of Invention Patent Application & Utility Model Application
● Chinese Design Patent Application
● FAQ of Chinese Patent Application
● Patent Law of P. R. China
● Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law of P.R.China

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