Chinese Patent Filing Strategy: Invention Patent + Utility Model Patent

● File the invention patent and utility model patent application on the same day
● Enjoy the quick granting of utility model patent and enforce it against infringer within 4-8 months
● Eventually protect the invention with invention patent which is stronger type of patent
● Patentee may claim abandon of utility model patent before granting of invention patent

Patent Examination Authority
State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

1 year from the first filing date

Power of Attorney
Required Blank POA can be downloaded here

Protection Duration
20 years from filing date

Prosecution Duration
2-3 years

Examination Procedure

Filing Requirement
● Specification in Chinese (No late filing is permitted; Application must be filed in Chinese)
You may provide us English version of the specification and our translation may take 1-4 weeks to finish translation
● Power of Attorney (Scanned copy of executed POA is sufficient; Can be filed later within three months after filing date)Blank POA can be downloaded here
● Certified copy of Priority Document (Can be filed later within three months after filing)

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