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For those friends and IP colleagues who read my posts before, you guys might aware of how much I like to discuss interesting IP topics. One of my dear friends, Mr. Michael Stein (I will connect this post to your LinkedIn account by then), brought out a question the other day – for a Hong Kong applicant, how many methods are there to file a PCT international application?
I recently received an inquiry from a US colleague about filing a PCT international application with CNIPA as the RO without a priority basis. I have rarely discussed this issue with my foreign associates in the past because although CNIPA is one of the PCT receiving offices, the applicant must meet the below conditions. And the fact is most of the foreign inbound cases we handle here are with foreign applicants.
With years of experience and excellence in the field of #IP, Mr. Tan Yingqiang (Jacky Tan), partner of Jiaquan, was named as one of the "Top 100 China IP Experts" this year out of so many amazing peers.
On Sunday morning, when I was crouching on the sofa with a coffee and watching some TV shows, my friend (Kurt Saunders) sent me this captioned question via Whatsapp.
Want to have a look at the IP summary of China? See the attached file in this post. You will find what you need.
So, last week, I got an inquiry from a colleague in Romania (Thank you Cristina Adriana SIRBU VULTUR). She told me that one of her clients got a notification of partial refusal when extending the protection of its Madrid application to China. In order for the trademark to pass, her client agreed with the examiner’s opinion. She asked me what should we respond to this?
Represented by Jiaquan IP Law, an administrative litigation dispute case on invalidation of patents in the field of biomedicine was selected as a typical case of intellectual property rights in 2021 by Guangdong IP Protection Association.
I had a really nice discussion on one hypothetical case with a university professor of IP the other day, which was indeed enlightening and informative. Can't share it all in this post, but still want to share some info here. Hope you will find it interesting to read.
Dr. Xiuping Ou, a senior advisor at Jiaquan IP Law, was among the second batch of officially designated National Experts on Overseas Intellectual Property Disputes and has also become a member of the Executive Advisory Committee of the International IP Commercialization Council (IIPCC).
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