July 29,2020
The biotechnology industry has steadily become an important part of the economy in recent years. The development of the biotech industry has been proclaimed as “National Development Strategy” and has been considered as an increasingly important part of the Strategic Emerging Industry of China and many other countries.    Read More
July 29,2020
A Chinese patent application that can claim a right of foreign priority shall meet the following requirements    Read More
July 09,2020
There are many online marketplaces in China right now. Among those are three most popular ones --- Taobao, Tmall and Joybuy. Taobao and Tmall belong to Alibaba Group - the largest E-commerce Group in China. Joybuy belongs to the second largest one - Jingdong Group.    Read More
June 03,2020
Article 25 of the Chinese Patent Law stipulates that no patent shall be granted for diagnosis and treatment methods of diseases.    Read More
May 25,2020
CNIPA has published two amendments respectively in September and December 2019. Here we have summarized the main amendments for overseas clients as below.    Read More
April 24,2020
When designing a trademark, many people may want to include the specific country name or city name as a major part of the trademark, so as to indicate clearly the origin of goods or services.    Read More
March 31,2020
Applicant: Jeffree Star Respondent: Guangzhou Sizu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called SIZU) Disputed trademark: “Jeffree Star”, No. 13475307 in Class 3 Procedures: Trademark invalidation and the corresponding administrative litigation    Read More
March 31,2020
The number of patent applications in China ranks first around the world for some consecutive years. In 2019, the total number of patent applications for invention, utility model and design reached nearly 4.4 million in China. Among them, the number of applications for utility model reached nearly 2.3 million, which takes up over 80% of the total volume in the world. This kind of patent shows certain "Chinese characteristics".    Read More
January 18,2019
Hui HU from Jiaquan IP Law explores invention applications of materials by closely considering the inventive concept and looking at a case study where inventive concept in a response to an inventive-step objection was used.    Read More
May 18,2018
According to the territoriality principle, intellectual property rights can only obtain protection within the granted region/country. However, there are no regional boundaries for intellectual property transactions and IP-related trading for commodities and services. With global economic integration and the increasingly fierce competition in intellectual property, transnational intellectual property disputes continue to rise. Yet, different countries have different judicial systems and legal provisions. Here below I would reveal some facts about foreignrelated intellectual property lawsuits in Guangdong, China, and hope to call the attention of foreign enterprises litigating in China on some important issues, under the consideration of better protecting the intellectual property rights of enterprises, while avoiding infringement of other’s rights.    Read More
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