October 08,2021
China IP News : 2021 No.83 ● Jiaquan honor - Grade A in Performance Evaluation ● Copyright practice - CHINA: Are Video Games Works of Art? Download Now! China IP News : 2021 No.82 ● Patent practice - impact of invalidation procedures on the trial period of patent infringement dispu...
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September 27,2021
Can random animations created by the player of a video game reflect the original creation of the game designers? Deliberation is pending in a case involving two game developers that will be an important reference for the determination of copyright in sandbox games (a video game in which the player is not constrained to achieving specific goals and that gives the player a great degree of creativity).    Read More
August 31,2021
According to Article 32 of Chinese Trademark Law, no trademark application should infringe upon another party's existing prior rights. Prior rights include non-trademark rights obtained before trademark rights, such as copyright, design patent rights, name rights, trade name rights, portrait rights, and patent rights.    Read More
July 30,2021
China’s Supreme People’s Court formally introduced a concept of "design freedom" at the time of the issuance of an Interpretation in 2016. The concept has been applied to the practices of design retrieval, infringement, and invalidation analysis. In combination of factors of “ordinary consumer” and "overall comprehensive judgment", a prediction of a court judgment can thus be made from more standard and objective analysis.    Read More
September 27,2021
Recently, we received the "Report Card" of patent agency supplier performance evaluation from our client, ZTE Corporation: the overall assessment performance (important patent practice) of Jiaquan in the second half of 2020 was rated as Grade A.    Read More
September 01,2021
During patent infringement dispute cases, defendants often request patent invalidation as a common defense strategy. However, in most cases, this strategy will not suspend the patent infringement dispute or prolong the trial period.    Read More
July 30,2021
Recently, IAM released its 2021 edition of the IAM Patent 1000. With many years of excellent service and wide recognition of clients, Jiaquan was again ranked by IAM as a recommended firm on both lists of patent prosecution and litigation. At the same time, with rich experience in litigation, our vice president, Mr. Jacky Yingqiang TAN was again recognized as a recommended individual for patent litigation.    Read More
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