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Patent practice - The significance of punitive damages of the revised Patent LawApril 28,2021
Trademark practice - Attention: one-year quarantine period for invalid trademark registrationsApril 28,2021
Patent practice - tips on reducing the adverse impact of PCT international publication with a reproducibility issueApril 06,2021
Trademark practice - when a suspension request could be accepted?March 20,2021
LEGO vs. LEPIN - strong protection of intellectual property in ChinaMarch 01,2021
Summary and Comments on the Latest Revision to Guidelines for Patent ExaminationJanuary 27,2021
Combined trademarks - file separately or together?December 28,2020
Similar or not? English word vs. Chinese characterNovember 30,2020
P&G prevails in trademark infringement lawsuitNovember 20,2020
What are the challenges involved in translation?October 28,2020
Acceptability of Letters of Consent in Trademark ReviewSeptember 02,2020
Chinese Practice: patent invalidation proceedingsSeptember 02,2020
Examination of Biological Sequence Claims in ChinaJuly 29,2020
Patent Practice: Claiming foreign prioritiesJuly 29,2020
Chinese Online Business Opportunities for Foreign CompaniesJuly 09,2020
Discussion on Patentability of Diagnosis and Treatment Methods of DiseasesJune 03,2020
Main amendments to the Guidelines for Patent Examination in 2019May 25,2020
Can City Names Be Included in Trademark Applications in China?April 24,2020
What Could I Do If Someone Registered My Name as a Trademark?March 31,2020
A Brief Discussion on Utility Model Patents in the Field of ChemistryMarch 31,2020
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