Chuansong WU
Patent Attorney
Physics Group
Professional Experience Mr. Wu graduated from Changchun University of Science and Technology majoring in optical information science and technology, and obtained the bachelor degree... Read More
Guobiao WANG
Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Manager, Foshan Office
Professional Experience Mr. Huang graduated from South China University of Technology with bachelor's degree of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering & Automation. He ever worke... Read More
Lili WEN
Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Professional Experience Ms. Wen graduated from South China Agricultural University majoring in agricultural mechanization and automation, and obtained the bachelor degree; She gradu... Read More
Huanshi WU
Trademark Attorney
Trademark Department
Professional Experience Mr. Wu holds a bachelor degree of law from Shanxi Datong University. He is specialized in all trademark matters as application for trademark regi... Read More
Tim Wong
Patent Engineer
Trademark Attorney
International Department
Mr. Tim Wong graduated from Guangdong University of Technology with a Bachelor of engineering in network engineering in 2009. He continued his study from 2010 to 2012 with the MSc in i... Read More
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