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As a costal open city, Zhongshan has built a national package printing base, a national health technology industrial base, an electronic industrial base and a mass-run technology park Rapidly growing economy, giving rise to a product mix of diversified hi-tech, high-quality products, including Robust Beverage, Yale-Guli Door Locks, Zhongshan Aestar Fine Chemical, Vantage Gas Appliance, Kawa Electronic and other famous industrial brands. The world's TOP500 enterprises have set up over 20 plants in Zhongshan. Zhongshan companies and organizations looking to protect their ideas and innovations need clear guidance, creative strategies, and a law firm with global IP experience. Zhongshan office advises clients on the latest changes to intellectual property law and assists them with obtaining, enforcing, and leveraging both domestic and foreign IP rights. The Zhongshan office built connection with most of the companies in the zhongshan, ranking second of all IP firms in Zhongshan by patent application numbers.

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