JIAQUAN IP LAW SEMINAR (Zhongshan): Patent Litigation in China, United States and Europe

On June 23, 2016, Jiaquan IP Law and Zhongshan IP Office co-hosted a seminar entitled " Patent Litigation in China, United States and Europe"

Zhongshan is a city concentrated with large number of industries in exportation business. Patent litigation is becoming a frequent weapon of excluding the competitors off the market in Chinese market as well as in the US market. How to prepare for the patent war? The question should be considered from global aspect.

Our esteemed and experienced panel included Dr. Xiuping OU, Senior Advisor of Jiaquan IP Law / former deputy chief judge of Guangdong Higher People's Court, Mr. Jeff Bergman, patent attorney and partner of Osha Liang LLP, Dr. Nicolás Schmitz, attorney-at-law and partner from Grünecker and Mr. Yilin JIN, patent attorney and partner from Grünecker. Their speeches are translated by Mr. Feynman Z. LIANG, patent attorney from Jiaquan IP Law.

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